3TECH has as principal business the Security, the Information Technologies and the Telecommunications.

Our main activities are the import and the installation of the related equipment, as well as the after sale support and the maintenance. Being representative in Morocco of some of the biggest manufacturers on the market, our goal is the full Customer satisfaction and an outstanding service quality.

Our teams are constituted by highly qualified and motivated engineers, technicians and workers, able to ensure a perfect installation and a fast on site intervention. The Company Management has a proven record for more than 20 years.

Since its creation the company 3 TECH could grant a leading place among the largest companies, specialized in the conception, the installation, the technical studies and the maintenace of different sized security systems in Morocco. The Company proposes a broad line of products linked to the video surveillance, the access control, the biometrics, the perimeter protection, the intrusion detection, the metal, drugs, explosifs and liquids detection, the video, audio and data transmission over optical, radio, wired or wireless lines, urban furniture etc. as well as dependent services of engineering.

The place of company 3 TECH as a leader in his scope of activities is defined by the high quality and reliability of the offered products, of the competence of its team and by an exceptional and out of competition quality/price ratio.

Specialized in the design and the realization of small to very large security systems, the company 3 TECH offers today to its customers more than 8000 different products related to the security.